The museum of the life and the sex in Ikaho
作品展示 お預かり
We will keep

命と性に関する作品発表・展示を してみませんか・・・(有料)
Why don’t you exhibit your work or publish which are concerned the life and the sex.  Admission paid need.

marfa  vasilieva

山田久美子 現代日本画

The adult figure by sculptor /Toki Syunpei


塩沢氏 ・ 今井氏 切り絵ほか作品


お預かりいたします   We will keep

身分証を提示(or添付)して持参または お送りください。
書籍、ビデオ、DVDなども受け取ります。ミュージアムに ご連絡くださいね 

We will keep your erotic materials which is reluctant to keep in your house.
We would like them to display in our museum.
Show your identification paper or attach to materials and bring to us or send to us.
If you have something which you want to show off in the museum, we would be glad to
We would be glad to keep such as books, video, DVD・・・
Please contact “The museum of the life and the sex”

Zip code 370-3606  Kaminoda 1256-72 Yoshioka mati Kitagunma county Gunma prefecture
Open throughout the year.   Opening hour 9:30〜17:30  Parking lot is prepared.
TEL&FAX 0279-55-6677


Please also use it while visiting the museum toilet space!

There are six room for 1F toilet, contents of panel are changed.
The design of the white table and the stained class of the handmade work is the original of the museum.
Enchanting art It is a space where art photography can be taken.

◆ 人間、志を立てるのに遅すぎるということはない。スタンリー・ボールドウィン(実業家)◆
Humans are never too late to be motivated.