The museum of the life and the sex in Ikaho


〒370-3606  群馬県北群馬郡吉岡町上野田1256-72
年中無休 am9:30~pm17:30  駐車場有り 
TEL&FAX 0279-55-6677

大人1000円  18歳未満の方は保護者同伴の責任において ご判断願います

Zip code 370-3606  Kaminoda 1256-72 Yoshioka machi  Kitagunma county Gunma prefecture 
Open throughout the year.   am9:30~pm17:30   Parking lot is prepared.
Entrance fee: Adult:\1000   Age 18 under is accompany with parents is must.    

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 タクシー サイト

Access: From Tokyo area
→ Get on Kanetsu expressway → Get off Komayose IC(4km ahead Maebashi IC) → turn to the right → 
Go ahead 100m(Traffic display shows Shibukawa direction) → Turn to the right → here you are
Access: Convention road
No signal → Go straight 800m along the road → 
Turn to the left at the second signal(Seven Eleven store is seen at right in the intersection)
→ Go straight 3.5km along the road(Maebashi ikaho route 15) → You can see our museum at the left.

Access: From Niigata area
→ Get on Kantetsu expressway → Get off Shibukawa Ikaho interchange → Head to Maebashi
→ Go straight “Shibukawa Minami interchange” → Head to Maebashi through route 17
→ Go 400m and turn the right at “Miyukida kita” intersection
→ On the way you go through under the Kanetsu expressway
→ Go 1.3km turn the left “Miyukid” intersection → Go 1km turn the right “Kokura”intersection
→ Go 1.5km turn the right “Kaminoda” intersection → Go 800m and you can see our museum at left.

 JR上越線 「八木原駅」or「渋川駅」→タクシー
【JR Line】
Get on “Jouetsu Line” → Get off “Yagihara” station or “Shibukawa” station → taxi

 JR高崎駅・西口→群馬バス 伊香保温泉行き→「北野」停留所下車→徒歩1分
JR Takasaki station West Exit → Gunma Bus → Get on “Ikaho spa destination”
→ Get off “Kitano” bus stop → 1minute on foot.
We recommend use of car because the bus schedule for return is few.

ミュージアムから お帰りの時刻表


Necessarily join us whenever you come to Gunma prefecture.