The museum of the life and the sex in Ikaho
命 Life

「命」って なに? 考えたことありますか? What is life?  Have you ever thought of this?
  【命は時間です】 【Life is Time】


「三つ子の魂 百まで」 という言葉知っていますか

Do you know the proverb “The leopard cannot change his spots”
This means the children should be taught what is right things and wrong things during childhood,
also means their life will be enrich and enjoyable.
The discipline is bad, results loose character lead rough life.


命はやり直しはできません このミュージアムで見直してはどうかな・・・

The life never return. Why don’t you review your life in our museum?
Watch our panels indicate how to die hard, how to lengthen healthy life (the long life panel).
How is the life depicted by picture? If described as the Chinese character that may be “stomach/brain/blood”

胃で食べた物を消化して脳の意識が しっかりしていて血が通っているのが、
その時間を楽しく有効的に使える・・・・・のが 本当の人間の命と思います。

The term of life is also described “stomach・brain・blood” with another Chinese character.
The stomach digest the food and the brain is conscious to control emotion and the blood run around in the body such is human life.
To be kind to both of other people and the globe and having good time with them. We think such idea is real human life.
To hurt to human life is not human’s behavior. To get along with other people in the society is human beings
We hope to cooperate with people all over the world to stop the global warming. 


木陰の涼しさは とても心地よいものです。それを切り倒してきた人間たち、
まずは地球の森林再生 オゾン層の再生だね。

To prevent global warming we hope the more big trees plant and come out the forest park.
The cool under the trees is very comfortable. The human have cut down many trees but the earth does have the life.
If the cost of war spend for planting trees all of deserts in the world will have changed the forests.
The first of all restore the forest and an ozone layer. 

たとえば もし、余生1年と宣告されたら何をしますか?
Now you are all right but if doctor declared the rest of your life was 1 year what will you do?

≪アンケート用紙から多い順≫  the best three from the questionnaire

女性 The women
 1家族と一緒に過ごしたい  2自分が行きたい場所へ旅行  3好きなものを食べる
  1Spend rest days with my family. 2Travel to where I wanted to be there. 3Eat which I am favorite.

男性 The men

 1今までしなかった事をする  2自分が行きたい場所へ旅行  3思いっきり浮気をして遊ぶ
 1Try which I haven’t experienced ever. 2Travel to where I wanted to be there. 3Having an affair and play to my heart content. 




◆ うしろを振り向く必要はない、あなたの前には、いくらでも道があるのだから。魯迅(思想家) ◆
You don't have to look behind you, because there are plenty of ways in front of you.